How to use this lib

Oct 4, 2013 at 1:03 PM
Dear all,

I do not know if tehre are still people here around but lets try.
I have a customer who would like to get a watter ripple effect when touching a screen.

As I am not an expert on such effect, I get pointed here but :
  • I have lost on how to use this library
  • Is there any WPF complete VS2010 soution ?
  • Does it include watter ripple effect ?
Thanks for help
Oct 7, 2013 at 10:23 AM

Here is a generic answer, but we can talk together if you need it.

The standard way to build Pixel Shader effect (without this library) is described in the documentation ( ie ), but afaik a good documentation is missing. So you can check many blogs to get tutorials. It is interesting to have some understanding of this method, which requires HLSL skills.

Microsoft has provided predefined effects in the WPF Pixel Shader Library,, including probably a water ripple effect.

Perspective FX is an experimental project which aims to build custom effects libraries by hiding all the shaders plumbing, using the concept of filter objects. Some basic filters are provided (but no ripple water filter), and you can write your own ones (but it requires HLSL skills). FxGenerator.sln allows to build a command-line tool, FxGeneratorCmd.exe, that can then generate your effect assembly. This assembly may be used the classical way in a WPF project (through the UIElement.Effect property - ).

Prerequisites for tools versions are described in the Perspective FX documentation ( or in the downloads description (ie

Hope this helps,